Consistent Trades conduct multiple major steps to find a few to dozens of the MOST bullish/strong and bearish/weak stocks in the USA market.

  1. Sorting Bullish/strong and Bearish/weak fundamentals stocks using the FinViz scanner, where we choose from the most important fundamentals of individual stocks (Institutional transactions, Insider transactions, EPS QoQ and YoY, PEG ratio, Insider ownership, and several more),

  2. After the selection from 5,900+ stocks traded on USA stock markets, we reduced to a few/dozens (20-30) stocks,

  3. Later we use the Navellier scanner to reduce the number to most potential stocks,

  4. Most potential stocks are then analyzed using Technical analyze and in case of an identification pattern or edge which could bring them to our favor we create a list of trading ideas.

Why do we choose bullish and bearish fundamental stocks for trading and not some random ones?

Many years of experience have shown that the most profitable swing trade is when bullish/strong and bearish/weak fundamental stocks are traded using technical analyses.

Also, we will analyze several Hot stocks (popular at the moment).

CONSISTENTTRADES provides daily and weekly analytical reports on bullish/strong and bearish/weak fundamental stocks and trading ideas for the upcoming week.

Also, we will analyze a few "Hot stocks" (popular at the moment).